Welcome to Global MilSatCom 2010, Europe's leading event for military satellite communications professionals.

Now in its 12th year, this event is your chance to network with an unparalleled line up of international decision makers in the SatCom arena. With delegate and exhibition places sold out once again in 2009, ensure that you book early and guarantee your place alongside 300 industry colleagues at the SatCom event of the year.

Over the years, Global MilSatCom has led the way in offering a diverse range of international military speakers. Meet with and learn from the key European and NATO players and also take the opportunity to learn from an array of other significant global SatCom leaders. From Australia, South Africa, USA, UAE and Canada, this event is a unique opportunity to meet an international array of SatCom decision makers.

Ensure you visit www.globalmilsatcom.com for continuing updates as the 12th annual event approaches. We have exciting plans in place for our most interactive and international event yet!

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SMis first annual MilSatCom Asia conference and exhibition is going to be held in Singapore on the 23rd & 24th May 2011. Asia has become one of the most dynamic markets for satellite communications in the world. Located at one of the most important crossroads of the globe, Singapore’s strategic position and thriving SATCOM community makes it the perfect location to hold MilSatCom Asia 2011.  For further information, please visit www.milsatcomasia.com

With 300 attendees from around the world, Global MilSatCom offers unrivalled networking opportunities. Here's why you can't afford to miss out:

  • DISCUSS the latest operational experiences with NATO and national military officers. How is SatCom supporting the warfighter in difficult operational environments and how can you meet their requirements?
  • ANALYSE policy, doctrine, national roadmaps and requirements. Ensure that you are one step ahead of international acquisition and procurement plans
  • ASSESS and view the latest technology on offer at our busy exhibition
  • Ample opportunities to NETWORK with your military and industry colleagues at our post conference drinks receptions, coffee breaks and lunches


Global MilSatCom 2009 was another sell out, with 300 attendees from around the world and a sold out exhibition. Here is what some of our attendees have had to say in recent years:


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"My 1st time and definitely not the last. A very good learning experience from the world's major players" - South African National Defence Force

"A very informative conference - it gets better every year! Good networking, please continue" - EADS

"Excellent conference - will certainly look to support again next year. Thank you for all of the hard work and dedication " - Lockheed Martin

"An excellent conference and networking opportunities" - NATO

"A very good range of subjects, well presented" - UAE Armed Forces

"This event has given me the opportunity to update my knowledge and meet key players in this field, all being backed by well presented presentations of high quality"                 French Ministry of Defence


Pre and Post conference Networking Opportunities:

Pre-conference evening Drinks & Get-Together on Sunday, 7th of November sponsored by   Cisco
Post-conference evening Drinks Reception on Monday, 8th of November sponsored by
Post-conference evening Drinks and canapés' at the London Science Museum on Tuesday, 9th of November @ 6:30 pm sponsored by  



Industry Profile Includes:

Presidents, CEOs, Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers, Analysts & Officers for:

  • Satellite Communications
  • Networks and architecture
  • Satellite systems and applications
  • Engineering
  • Space development
  • Projects and Programmes
  • Customer support
  • Sales, marketing and business development

  Where did our 2009 attendees come from?



Military and Government Profile Includes:

Directors, Assistant Directors, Staff Officers, Engineers, Project & Programme Managers for:

  • Satellite Communications
  • J6
  • Procurement and acquisitions
  • Research Scientists
  • System Integration


Conference programme

8:15 Registration & Coffee

8:45 Chairman's Opening Remarks

Mr Gerard Donelan

Mr Gerard Donelan, Head of Public Sector Projects , SES ASTRA

8:50 Opening Address - MilSatCom Challenges Today and in the Future – The US Perspective

Brigadier General Ian  Dickinson

Brigadier General Ian Dickinson, Director, Communications and Information, and Chief Information Officer, U S Air Force

Joint Force Commanders and their warfighters depend on reliable MILSATCOM capabilities across the spectrum of conflict-and their needs only increase.  Brig Gen Ian Dickinson will discuss where we have been with MILSATCOM, future issues and challenges facing the community.

9:20 UK MilSATCOM - The Broadening Picture

Wing Commander Damian Orton

Wing Commander Damian Orton, Assistant Head Satcom Service Assurance, Networks Team, ISS Corsham, Ministry of Defence, UK

  • Growth in user needs
  • Growth in capability
  • The major drivers
  • The CIS constants
  • What CIS providers wish to deliver
  • 9:50 French MilSatCom: A New Era

  • Sicral2 and Athena:successful cooperation with Italy
  • Syracuse III:patrimonial scheme vs service acquisition
  • Syracuse IV:key issues
  • Michael Pascaud

    Michael Pascaud, Syracuse III Team Leader, Ministry of Defence, France

    Christophe  Le Garff

    Christophe Le Garff, Syracuse III System Architect, DGA,, Ministry of Defence, France

    10:20 Morning Coffee Sponsored by iDirect

    10:50 Evolution of the Italian Ministry of Defense SatCom Requirements: Recent Achievements and Future Developments

  • New Organisation of Segredifesa
  • Sicral2
  • Athena Fidus
  • Sigma
  • PPP
  • Dr.Ing.Tommaso Guastamacchia

    Dr.Ing.Tommaso Guastamacchia, Chief of SEGREDIFESA VI Department, Ministry of Defence, Italy

    Captain Giovanni Battista Durando

    Captain Giovanni Battista Durando, VI Department SEGREDIFESA, Chief SATCOM Department, Ministry of Defence, Italy

    11:20 UAE Road to Space: An Overview

    Dr Mohammed N Mubarek Alahbabi

    Dr Mohammed N Mubarek Alahbabi, Information Communication Technology (ICT) Advisor, United Arab Emirates Armed Forces

  • MENA  space activities
  • UAE space activities
  • Yahsat: an overview 
  • The future vision
  • 11:50 World Telecommunication Service Providers Serving Southern Africa and Beyond

    Brigadier General Ian Fordred

    Brigadier General Ian Fordred , Director, Information Communication Technology (DICT) in the Command andManagement Information Systems Division (CMIS), South African National Defence Force (SANDF)

  • Background of existing terrestrial services
  • Key satellite deployments in Africa
  • Military applications in Africa
  • Challenges of 2010 world cup soccer
  • 12:20 NLD & SATCOM: Current Capabilities and Future Requirements

    Captain (RNLN) Ulrich  Berrevoets

    Captain (RNLN) Ulrich Berrevoets, Program Manager NL Military Satellite Communication, Defence Material Organisation, Ministry of Defence, The Netherlands

  • Introduction to NLD Defense ambition
  • Current capabilities
  • SATCOM requirements
  • Impact of future NLD developments on SATCOM requirements
  • 12:50 Networking Lunch Sponsored by Eutelsat

    14:10 Market Insight in the Demand for Highly Secure, High Powered SatCom Services to Allied Military Forces

    Keith Norton

    Keith Norton , Managing Director, Paradigm

  • Trends in traditional capability demand with a focus on the Naval domain
  • Moving from UORs to Steady State procurement - whats the future for UAS platforms and C4ISTAR
  • Bandwidth as a commodity or service at the applications level
  • Trends in regional demand and supply - where are the bottlenecks
  • 14:40 The Canadian Forces Satcom Roadmap

    Colonel Andre  Dupuis

    Colonel Andre Dupuis, Director of Space Development, Canadian Department of Defense

  • Strategic vision
  • Future acquisition plans
  • IER requirements, at home & in theatre
  • Program outline
  • 15:10 Protected MilSatCom 2010 and Beyond

    Mr Richard Skinner

    Mr Richard Skinner, Vice President, Strategic Planning, Global Communications Systems, Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company

  • Overview of U.S. Advanced EHF Program including international participation by UK, Canada, and Netherlands
  • Launch video from AEHF 1 launch -Jul 2010
  • Capability compared to Milstar I and II
  • Terminals for the AEHF program
  • Deployment plans 2011 and beyond
  • Capability Insertion Program (AEHF upgrades)
  • 15:40 Afternoon Tea Sponsored by iDirect

    16:10 Mobility and Deployment Challenges in Satcom Terminals

    Murrey Rabenhorst

    Murrey Rabenhorst, Manager, General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies

  • Higher power satellites - ever-smaller terminals to satisfy a number of military and commercial missions
  • Next-generation small satcom terminals for temporary fixed sites and on-the-move - additional demands upon their design and operation
  • Meeting the challenges for satcom terminals - light-weight, deployable, transportable. Sophisticated transmission capabilities even within complex scenarios
  • 16:40 Special Address - SatCom as the Third Network Dimension

    Mr Bruce Bennett

    Mr Bruce Bennett, Director, Program Executive Officer for SATCOM, Teleport & Services, Defence Information Systems Agency

  • Transition to everything over Internet Protocol
  • Incorporation of Multi-Protocol Label Switching
  • Incorporation of the Joint Internet Protocol Modem and Enhanced Bandwidth Efficient Modem
  • Interconnectivity with Defense Enterprise Computing Centers, Service Delivery Nodes and the DOD SATCOM Gateways


  • 17:10 1Mbps at11 Kilos (25 lbs) - Fantasy or Reality?

    Mr Keith Gammon

    Mr Keith Gammon, Principal Product Manager, Rockwell Collins Satellite Communications Systems

  • Goals:  market/technology requirements
  • Challenges: SWaP
  • Lifecycle costs: drivers of weight, cost, size, power
  • 17:40 Chairman’s Closing Remarks and Close of Day One

    17:50 Networking Drinks Reception Sponsored By SES Astra

    8:15 Registration & Coffee

    8:45 Chairman's Opening Remarks

    Colonel Patrick Rayermann

    Colonel Patrick Rayermann, National Security Space Office, Pentagon, USA

    9:20 Australian MILSATCOM: Looking Forward

    Mr Peter Kerr

    Mr Peter Kerr, Councillor for Defence Science , Australian Defence Staff, London

  • Networking & mobility supporting NCW
  • Interoperability challenges
  • Partnering in a multinational environment
  • Addressing the future
  • 9:50 UK MoD Growth in Military SatCom Requirements

    Andy  Rayner

    Andy Rayner, Royal Navy, SO1 Core Networks, Cap CC&II, UK MOD, Ministry of Defence, UK

  • The current MOD BLOS requirement
  • MOD BLOS capability strategy update
  • Increased SatCom bandwidth demands
  • 10:20 Morning Coffee Sponsored by iDirect

    10:50 Special Address - New Initiatives Focus: MilSatCom Operational Requirements

    Michael Lakos

    Michael Lakos, Chief, MILSATCOM Division, United States Air Force

  • Status of the Joint Space Communications Layer (JSCL) ICD/CONOPS - AoA
  • Current MilSatCom program status
  • MilSatCom: What comes next?
  • 11:20 Back to the Basics

    Commander Alexandre Baillot

    Commander Alexandre Baillot, Military & Civil SatCom Leader, Space & Joint Systems Division, French Navy

  • What is a Military SATCOM system: French views
  • Update on the FR MILSATCOM
  • The use of civilian SATCOM assets
  • The way ahead for the next generation
  • 11:50 The Israeli space program

    Lieutenant Colonel Oren Barda

    Lieutenant Colonel Oren Barda, Head of Space Branch, Israeli Air Force

  • Space and Israel's national security
  • The Israeli space program - Current capabilities and programs
  • Our vision to future developments of the use of space for security
  • International collaboration in space - The Israeli Prospect
  • 12:20 Networking Lunch Sponsored by Lockheed Martin

    13:50 Keynote Address - New Horizons and Trends in Military Communications for Coalition Environments

    Mr Malcolm Green

    Mr Malcolm Green , Chief CAT 9 NII Communication Infrastructure Services, NATO C3 Agency

  • Space segment procurement models and choices
  • Balancing resource-based and service-led capabilities
  • Meeting the challenge of global coverage and assured access
  • Federating national and commercial resources and services
  • 14:20 The State of the Art in Military Airborne SatComs

    Mr Martyn  Braime

    Mr Martyn Braime, Director Business Development, Astrium Services

  • Current market capabilities and legacies
  • The customers wish list - drivers for higher datarates
  • 3S's portfolio, R&D focus and latest prototypes
  • 14:50 A Theater SATCOM Perspective Provided by the EUCOM J63 Division

    Eric  Kimery

    Eric Kimery , SATCOM Planner/Engineer, US European Command J63 SATCOM Branch, EUCOM

  • Satellite Communication – translation of priorities
  • Theater of operations – scope of requirements
  • Priorities breakdown
  • Robust and agile capability!
  • Responsive, ready now!
  • Interoperable solutions a must!
  • Turn-key solutions a must!
  • Engage with commercial partners!
  • 15:20 Providing High-End Broadband VSAT Services in Hostile Environments

  • Ku-band capacity & the increase in VSAT services provision coalition forces in Afghanistan.
  • Morale/Welfare/Recreation services supporting the US Marine Corps – a case study
  • Social networking provision in the military areas of operation
  • Current & future opportunities
  • Michael Pollack

    Michael Pollack, VP Sales & Marketing, UltiSat

    Matteo  Altobelli

    Matteo Altobelli , Marketing Director, Eutelsat

    15:50 Afternoon Tea Sponsored by iDirect

    16:10 Commercially Hosted Government Payloads

    Brigadier General Tip  Osterthaler (USAF, Ret.)

    Brigadier General Tip Osterthaler (USAF, Ret.), President & CEO, SES WORLD SKIES

  • Timely and affordable access to space
  • U.S. and European government commercially Hosted Payloads in various stages of development
  • Gap filler for operational and proof-of-concept activities
  • From concept to orbit in 30 months
  • Government interest increasing
  • 16:40 How Commercial Satellites Can Fulfill MilSatCom Mission Requirements

    Jerry Goodwin

    Jerry Goodwin, Vice President, Global SATCOM Systems, ViaSat Incorporation

  • Commercial FSS capacity -  an integral component of defense satellite communications
  • Budget comparisons show that Defense places greater value on unique capabilities provided by organic satellites
  • How commercial satellites can fulfill more urgent mission needs such as enhanced broadband COTM to and from small platforms, economical high speed GiG access and protected communications
  • Functional requirements and benefits attributed to future defense broadband satellite networks - the potential for commercial systems to satisfy requirements
  • Commercial satellites need to be more like Defense satellites to fulfill modern network centric warfare requirements
  • 17:10 Requirements, Realism and Relevance – SATCOM in 2010

    Ms Rebecca M. Cowen-Hirsch

    Ms Rebecca M. Cowen-Hirsch, President, Inmarsat Government Services

  • Challenges and opportunities in today’s military and commercial SATCOM
  • Trends and observations in today’s operational environment
  • Architectural, programmatic, economic and other factors that create today’s SATCOM reality
  • Relevant answers to pressing questions
  • 17:40 Components of Hosted Payload Success

    Kay  Sears

    Kay Sears, President, Intelsat General

  • What missions are government space planners fulfilling with commercial hosted payloads?
  • How are commercial satellite operators meeting the need?
  • Are governments adapting to commercial space best practices or is the commercial industry changing to meet the government market opportunity?
  • 18:10 Chairman’s Closing Remarks and Close of Day Two

    18:30 Networking Drinks and canapés' at the London Science Museum Sponsored by Astrium and Paradigm

    8:15 Registration & Coffee

    8:45 Chairman's Opening Remarks

    Mr Christopher Baugh

    Mr Christopher Baugh, Chief Executive Officer, Northern Sky Research

    9:00 SPAWAR's SatCom Capabilities Today and in the Future

    Captain Jim  Hirst

    Captain Jim Hirst , SPAWAR,SSFA, Office for Space Systems, Department of the Navy, USA

  • US Navy’s involvement in the US National Security Space community
  • RDML Young’s roles as PEO Space and NRO SE Director
  • UHF Constellation update


  • 9:30 MilSatcom and Operational Mobility: Current Status and Perspective

    Mr Hugues Lancrenon

    Mr Hugues Lancrenon, Satcom Project Manager, Thales Group

  • A challenge ahead for answer operational ground and airborne scenario
  • A flexible, efficient and secure satellite communications system
  • Seamless integration within enhanced IP Networks
  • Available solutions for 21st Century communications
  • 10:00 European Union, Space Agency and Member States Bound for Building Common Tools for MilSatCom

    Mr Rodolphe Paris

    Mr Rodolphe Paris, PT SatCom Chairman, Space & Radio Spectrum Project Officer, Capabilities Directorate, European Defence Agency

  • The short term: Centralising European commercial SatCom procurement
  • Exploring responsive and affordable solutions for European tactical interim SatCom capabilities
  • The long term: Thinking European operational requirements preparing the next generation of SatCom for Defence and Security
  • 10:30 Morning Coffee Sponsored by iDirect

    11:00 Anglo-French Future Military Satcom Co-operation

  • Past attempts at collaboration
  • Current status
  • The joint concept studies
  • The possible way forward
  • Mr David  Lascelles

    Mr David Lascelles, Deputy Head DCNS, Information Systems & Services (ISS) Programmes, Ministry of Defence, UK

    Colonel Jean-Francois  Leca

    Colonel Jean-Francois Leca, ICA, DGA, Ministry of Defence, France

    11:30 Satellite Solutions to Mobile Communications for Security and Military Needs

    Mr Pierre Gaudemet

    Mr Pierre Gaudemet, Technical Expert, MilSatCom, Thales Alenia Space

  • Terminals geography: worldwide isolated, theater isolated, grouped
  • Terminal constraint: RF power, antenna directivity, data rates, weight and carrier integration
  • SATCOM On The Move versus Backhauled COM On The Move
  • Network topology: star, meshed, symmetric, dissymmetric
  • Satellite solutions: Radio Frequency selection, antenna systems, on-board switching
  • Trade-off issues
  • 12:00 An Update on Current NATO Operations

    Colonel David  Jenkins

    Colonel David Jenkins, Chief, Systems Management Agency, NATO CIS Services Agency

  • The NATO operational arena
  • Managing SatCom from a multinational perspective
  • SatCom capabilities in operations
  • The way ahead
  • 12:30 Networking Lunch

    13:50 Next Generation Mil SatCom Architecture

    Dimitri  Zafiriadis

    Dimitri Zafiriadis, Sales Director, Northern Europe, iDirect Technologies

  • Global NMS, Auto Beam Switching and Spread Spectrum to support air, sea and land based COTM applications.
  • TRANSEC and encryption techniques to provide combat against enemy spoofing and interception
  • Flexible and modular satcom architectures to support real time applications
  • Location/asset tracking through a next generation network management system
  • 14:20 Warfare at the Speed of Light: A Challenge or Opportunity for NATO?

    Michael F.  Delorey

    Michael F. Delorey, C4ISTAR Branch (Deployable CIS), NATO Joint Airpower Competence Centre

  • The interdependence between the SPACE/SATCOM & Cyber domains 
  • Battlefield management – closing the OODA Loop
  • Shared situational awareness in aysmmetric vs conventional conflicts and the vulnerabilities of information overload
  • Future policy challenges within NATO
  • 14:50 Space Situational Awareness: Issues and Solutions

    Ernie  Dickens

    Ernie Dickens, Vice President and General Manager Service Solutions (IS3) Business Unit , Integral Systems Europe

  • Situation Awareness in space is similar to other domains: air, land, maritime
  • Situational awareness in space includes Cyberspace
  • Challenges: sensors, processing, intelligence, threat
  • Integral offers integrated awareness capabilities – on satellite and on the ground
  • 15:20 L-band Interference Into Satellite Systems

    Mr Peter Malmberg

    Mr Peter Malmberg, Project Manager, Satellite Services, Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation

  • L-Band interfacility challenges
  • Applications and solutions to deal with operational issues
  • Way forward
  • 15:50 Afternoon Tea Sponsored by iDirect

    16:10 MEO satellite capacity and next generation technologies

    Mr Simon Gatty  Saunt

    Mr Simon Gatty Saunt, Regional Vice President, Europe & CIS, SES WORLD SKIES

  • Fundamentals of MEO satellite and its applications
  • How MEOs enhance and compliment existing military communications capacity
  • 16:40 The Evolution of Satellite Communications Market, and its Implications for Defence

    Gary Hale

    Gary Hale, Global Government Solutions Group (GGSG), Cisco Systems

  • SatCom market volatility
  • IRIS Joint Capabilities Technology Demonstration (JCTD) developments
  • Next generation global services for the war fighter
  • 17:10 Chairman’s Closing Remarks and Close of the Conference



    Hosted Payloads

    Hosted Payloads

    Millennium Conference Centre
    11th November 2010
    London, United Kingdom

    Millennium Conference Centre

    4-18 Harrington Gardens
    London SW74LH
    United Kingdom

    Millennium Conference Centre



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