Welcome to SAE Media Group's 12th Annual conference- the largest bespoke Military Airlift conference in Europe which enjoys the full support of the EATC and MCCE and receives high-level representation from across NATO, year-on-year. The event hosts over 120 delegates annually and receives support from a broad but firm base of associated industry representatives. Our attendees are unrivalled in their seniority and influence across the international airlift community.





The event is followed by a site visit to the European Air Transport Command and the Movement Coordination Centre Europe facilities at Eindhoven Air Base on December 7th

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At SMi's 12th Annual Military Airlift: Rapid Reaction & Tanker Operations, you will receive comprehensive presentations focusing upon the following programs, projects, commands, missions and organisations:

  • European Air Transport Command
  • The Movement Coordination Centre Europe
  • EUCOM 
  • The KC-46 Program 
  • International Stability Operations Association 
  • The KC-390 Programme
  • NAMSA 
  • The NATO Airlift Management Agency
  • The Royal Netherlands Air Force
  • Operation Unified Protector 
  • Operation Odyssey Dawn 
  • The European Defence Agency
  • The United Nations 
  • Royal Air Force
  • Airbus Military 
  • The German Air Force
  • Are the largest bespoke Military Airlift conference in Europe 
  • Host the highest-level representation from across NATO member states and NATO commands, year-on-year
  • Welcome attendees that are unrivalled in their seniority and influence across the international airlift community 



  •  “Great! Outstanding!” European Air Transport Command
  • “Thank you, keep it up!" Airbus Military
  • “Excellent job!” NATO Airlift Management Agency
  • "Thank you for another perfectly organized conference …... It is always a pleasure to attend this event. You pick up perfect speakers covering up-to-date situations in different aspects of our target markets. You are doing a great job in gathering professionals of the industry in one place" Aviacon
  • "My colleague and I thoroughly enjoyed the conference. Well attended and a high caliber of speakers and attendees" Air Charter Service
  • "I herewith would like to thank you again for another perfect conference. It is the highlight of the year in regards to NATO Conferences and we do attend a lot. The speakers themselves and the very professional organization around this event will drive this meeting forward and we are really looking forward to be a part of it again" National Air Cargo

Conference programme

8:30 Registration & Coffee

8:50 Chairman's Opening Remarks

Wing Commander (R) Andrew Brookes

Wing Commander (R) Andrew Brookes, Director, The Air League

9:00 Air Mobility Challenges During Operation ODYSSEY DAWN

Dennis D'Angelo

Dennis D'Angelo, Director of Staff, AFRICOM

9:35 Airlift Capacity in the African Union

Colonel Birame Diop

Colonel Birame Diop, Officer in Command, Senegal Air Force

  • Programme overview and the mission update
  • Assessing Africa’s national capabilities
  • An overview of the African Stand-By Force
  • Making these forces airlift capacities efficient, rapid and relatively large
  • Future evolution – What will be the best scheme in the long term?
  • 10:10 IL-76: Value Saving Solutions for Cost-Cutting Times

    Azat Mulgimov

    Azat Mulgimov, Commercial Director, Aviacon Zitotrans Air company

  • IL-76 – versatile military airlifter
  • Key theatres within effective reach
  • IL-76 = 35% traffic to Afghanistan
  • ISAF Supply  bridge from  EU to Afghanistan
  • Optimizing procurement processes

    11:15 KEYNOTE ADDRESS: The Commander of the European Air Transport Command

    Major General Jochen Both

    Major General Jochen Both, Commander, European Air Transport Command

    11:50 Strategic Airlift Capability: 12 Nations, 1 Vision, 1 Mission

    Colonel Keith Boone

    Colonel Keith Boone, Commander, Heavy Airlift Wing

  • Cooperative Operations – Is the SAC program a best practice or a national panacea?
  • Concept to Initial Operational Capability (FOC) – a discussion of challenges and lessons-learned
  • IOC to Full Operational Capability (FOC) – Tailwinds, Headwinds, Turbulence ahead
  • 30 Year Program -- a post-FOC marathon 
  • 12:25 The Movement Coordination Centre Europe

    Colonel Christian Schmidt

    Colonel Christian Schmidt , Director , Movement Coordination Centre Europe


    14:15 NATO Airlift Management Agency; Support to the SAC Program

    Gunnar Borch

    Gunnar Borch, General Manager, NATO Airlift Management Agency

  • From idea to reality
  • Stand-up phase challenges
  • The sustainment Phase
  • NATO Agency Reform impact
  • Lessons Identified and the way ahead
  • 14:50 Commercial Airlift Support to the Combat Zone

    General William Mortensen

    General William Mortensen, Director, National Air Cargo

    15:25 NATO Air Transport Capability: An Assessment

    Major Roger Efraimsen

    Major Roger Efraimsen, Airlift Staff Officer , JAPCC

  • The increasing importance of AT to NATO’s modern operational concept
  • Strategic and tactical AT requirements vs inventory
  • Command, control, co-ordination and information management issues
  • Future AT considerations and challenges

    16:30 A400M – The Versatile Airlifter

    Damien Allard

    Damien Allard, A400M Market Development Manager, Airbus

    17:05 Avoiding a Future Crisis in Commercial Airlift Capability

    Shahe Ouzounian

    Shahe Ouzounian, Director, Chapman Freeborn Airchartering

  • The often unacknowledged but significant and essential role of commercial airlift
  • A sector under threat; an ageing fleet and financially challenged airline sector
  • Established procurement mechanisms; are they actually appropriate to meet future capacity needs?
  • The changing role of the broker; from intermediary to programme manager
  • An uncertain future; the need for deeper strategic investment and longer term thinking
  • 17:40 Chairman's Closing Remarks and End of Day One

    Wing Commander (R) Andrew Brookes

    Wing Commander (R) Andrew Brookes, Director, The Air League


    8:30 Registration & Coffee

    8:50 Chairman's Opening Remarks

    Wing Commander (R) Andrew Brookes

    Wing Commander (R) Andrew Brookes, Director, The Air League

    9:00 KEYNOTE ADDRESS: KC-46 Program Update

    Major General Christopher Bogdan

    Major General Christopher Bogdan, KC-46 PEO and Program Director, Aeronautical Systems Center

  • The KC-X Aerial Refueling Aircraft Request for Proposal: Securing value and exceptional AAR capability for USAF
  • Procuring 18 operational KC-46 tankers by 2017
  • What now for the KC-135?
  • A Vision for the Future: The KC-46 and AAR in 21st Century theaters
  • 10:10 The KC-390 Tactical Air Transport Program

    Paulo Gastao Silva

    Paulo Gastao Silva, Vice-President, Embraer SA (Defence Programs)

  • Program status and master schedule overview
  • Planned roles of the KC-390 in Brazil
  • Aircraft highlights to address market needs

    11:05 Targo® Airlift

    Itai Orenstein

    Itai Orenstein, Marketing Director, Elbit Systems

  • Targo® is a new HMA - Helmet Mounted Avionics
  • The new technology opens new opportunities in the Airlift world
  • Facilitate precise movements, coordinate crew interaction and manage all elements of your mission
  • Affordable HUD replacement with all-aspect display and line of sight capability


  • 11:40 United Nations Movement Control Section (Logistics Support Division) Scope of Operations

    James Smith

    James Smith, Officer in Charge, Movement Control Section, United Nations

  • Scope of Operations and highlights 2011
  • UN working with Troop/Police Contributing Countries
  • New Global Field Support Strategy for the Department of Field Support
  • Field Support including the Transportation and Movements Integrated Control Centre (TMICC)
  • Sudan Operations and difficulties experienced in working in that environment
  • 12:15 Tactical and Strategic Medical Airlift: A Civilian Experience for Cost and Resource Effectiveness

  • Overview of current Military Medical Airlift system
  • Balancing cost and finite military medical airlift resources for greatest mission effectiveness
  • A civilian-military medical system, relieving the burden and focused on the specific needs of each nation 


  • Arnaud Derossi

    Arnaud Derossi, Regional Medical Director, International SOS

    Simon Atkinson

    Simon Atkinson, Divisional Manager, RMSI Medical Solutions


    13:50 Ensuring Ethics and Standards in the Stability Operations Industry

    Doug Brooks

    Doug Brooks, President, International Stability Operations Association

  • Working with governments and international clients to ensure a constructive partnership
  • Providing a valuable forum for key firms to determine essential industry ethics and standards
  • Informing the concerned public about the activities and role of the industry
  • 14:25 Ilyushin IL76TD-90 and Antonov AN124 Challenges in Strategic Airlift

    Dennis Gliznoutsa

    Dennis Gliznoutsa, Commercial Director, Volga-Dnepr Airlines

  • Quiet European airspace and shortage of capacity
  • Additional challenges facing air transportation
  • What to do?


  • 15:00 AMCC Support to Current NATO Operations

    Colonel Jennifer Thompson

    Colonel Jennifer Thompson , Chief , SHAPE

  • Operation Unified Protector
  • Evacuations across North Africa
  • Rapid reaction and tactical support
  • The strategic future

    16:00 OCCAR-EA Management of the A400M

    Lieutenant Colonel Juan Garcia Tutor

    Lieutenant Colonel Juan Garcia Tutor, Programme Management Section Leader, Occar

  • OCCAR, an organization for armaments cooperation
  • The A400M programme background and history
  • Current status of the A400M programme
  • What is coming next?
  • 16:35 Maximising European Airlift Capabilities through Enhanced Cooperation

    Laurent Donnet

    Laurent Donnet, Assistant Capability Manager, European Defence Agency

  • Enhancing efficiency of European airlift using innovative concepts
  • Why a European air transport fleet makes sense
  • Coordinating a European approach to future airlift
  • 17:10 Chairman's Closing Remarks and End of Conference

    Wing Commander (R) Andrew Brookes

    Wing Commander (R) Andrew Brookes, Director, The Air League



    Amsterdam Marriott Hotel

    Stadthouderskade 12
    Amsterdam 1054 ES

    Amsterdam Marriott Hotel



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