SAE Media Group is proud to introduce its 12th Annual Energy from Waste Conference, due to take place on the 3rd - 4th December 2019 in Central London.
The Energy from Waste (EfW) industry is a fundamental cog of a modern nations infrastructure and energy provision. Not only this, but the increasing move towards greener and sustainable regulations makes this an ever important focus for the energy and waste sectors alike. In respect of this importance, the Energy from Waste conference this year will look at the impact of energy regulations and government policy on the UK market; experiences from the UK EfW sector and specific projects; the financing future beyond PPP (Public-Private Partnerships) and PFI (Private-Finance Initiatives) in light of the reduction in funding and recent funding pullouts; the Energy from Waste projects in Europe and further afield and lessons from these experiences of mature markets and emerging markets; new opportunities through new technologies and feedstock availability; and the future outlook for the industry.

Due to the fact that the fundamental foundations of the Energy from Waste (EfW) industry are changing – given the recent political climate, the changes in financing and funding opportunities and the deepening of the need for greener infrastructure in today's reality - the industry is constantly evolving parallel to these developments.

The conference will not solely be addressing these changes, but also provide a specific attention to international markets, especially those further afield and consider their challenges and solutions to EfW projects and technology. Finally, the conference will also address the fundamental changes to the funding associated with Energy from Waste and how this is impacting the market to move further towards merchant waste projects

• Receive an update on the Waste and resource strategy - How do the UK Government strategies, policies and legislation affect the EFW market
• Learn about the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation and the UK’s fuel challenges.
• Understand what the future holds for the waste to fuels market - investment opportunities, markets and more
• Discuss the global opportunities in the Energy from Waste market;
o Waste-to-Energy in China: Key Challenges and Opportunities
o How to ensure your energy from waste project becomes a reality in an emerging market? - Central and Eastern Europe
o Design, Construction, Maintenance and Operation of the first PPP project for waste management in Greece
• Understand how to develop the full life cycle of an Energy from Waste project on a “subsidy-free” basis
• Explore the financing mechanisms available to invest in the next generation of waste infrastructure
• Obtain an overview of what technologies are available to ensure EfW plant optimisation and life extensions of aging plants outside of the UK
• Find out if collaboration is the way forward to ensure project completion
• Review how to make EfW a catalyst for circular economy - The Circular Economy and waste hierarchy: Feedstock and the waste stream
• Gain a comprehensive update on the how to make the most of Energy from Waste in today’s European Energy Policy environment – BREF BAT guidance

• Business Development Director
• Contracts Manager
• Project Manager/Director
• Programme Manager/Director
• Head of Operations
• Head of Project Finance
• Head of Infrastructure
• Head of Environment and Waste Services
• Policy Advisor
• Consultant
• Technical Consultant


Abengoa; Al Ahly Capital Holding; AMP Capital; Avery Weigh-Tronix; Ballast Phoenix Ltd; Bertling Enviro AB; Biffa Waste Services Ltd; Buckinghamshire County Council; C U T E C Institut Gm Bh; City of Westminster; Cory Environmental Ltd; Cory Riverside Energy; EEW Energy from Waste GmbH; EGE (Waste to Energy Agency); Engie; Environment Agency; ESWET; Firefly AB; Gemiuk Ltd; Green Investment Bank; Gulermak Heavy Industries; Haldor Topsoe A/S; Hitachi Zosen Inova AG; Huawei Technologies Co.Nig Ltd; Indaver Ireland; Koch industries; KS Baling Ltd; London Waste Ltd; MAN Diesel & Turbo UK Ltd; NIBC Bank N.V.; NNFCC; Online Cleaning UK Ltd.; Orkel AS; Peel Environmental; PELVS-VEL LTD; PKO Bank Polski; Public Power Solutions; px House; Renewable Energy Association; Royal HaskoningDHV; RPS consulting Engineers; SLR Consulting LTD; South-Holland; Suez; SUEZ Recycling and recovery UK; Thames Water; Tiru SA; Turboden; University of South Wales; Veolia UK; Viridor; Waste to Energy Systems; Weiss A/S; Wheelabrator Technologies; 3i | AEB Amsterdam | Aizawi Municipal Corporation | Al Ahly Capital Holding | Arcus Infrastructure Partners LLP | Bingo Industries | Cayman Islands Government | CMS Cameron McKenna LLP | Covanta | Doosan Lentjes | Fives Solios | Glasgow City Council | Gutteridge Haskins and Davey | Hampshire County Council | Local Partnerships | Lodge Cottrell | MAN Diesel & Turbo UK | N+P Group BV - N+P International BV | NSG | NWB Bank | Public Power Solutions | px House | Ramboll | RICARDO ENERGY & ENVIRONMENT | Royal HaskoningDHV | SARETCO | Shell | Siemens Bank GmbH | Siemens Financial Services | Sigma Catalyst Partners | Suez | Tiru S A | Veolia Environmental Services | WE Group


Conference programme

8:30 Registration & Coffee

9:00 Chairman's Opening Remarks

Stuart Hayward-Higham

Stuart Hayward-Higham, Technical Development Director, SUEZ Recycling and recovery UK

9:10 International EfW Markets Review

Alban Forster

Alban Forster, Infrastructure Sector Lead, Europe, SLR Consulting LTD

• This will summarise the global setting for EfW opportunities and development
• We will summarise key generic risks and opportunities for EfW (EfW and AD)
• It will review a number of geographical jurisdictions including:
o UK & Ireland
o Continental Europe
o Scandinavia
o North America
o Australia & New Zealand

9:50 Industry and the implementation of the Resource and Waste Strategy – Realising the opportunities of a strong waste policy leading to a sustainable UK circular economy

Mark Sommerfeld

Mark Sommerfeld, Policy Analyst, Finance Forum, Renewable Energy Association

• From an industry perspective, reviewing how the Resource and Waste Strategy is being delivered a year on from its publication
• Looking at the opportunities that are arising for the Waste to Energy sector, including a focus on Advanced Conversion technologies.
• Highlighting what will happen next with the Resource and Waste Strategy in 2020 and why it is crucial that industry remains fully engaged with its implementation.


10:30 Morning Coffee

11:00 No EFW capacity gap by 2030 – true or false?

Jacob Hayler

Jacob Hayler , Executive Director, Environmental Services Association (ESA)

• Defra’s Resources and Waste strategy indicates an ongoing shortfall in efw capacity through to 2035, but also suggests that we don’t need new investment in efw to meet our future targets. Which is right?
• Historic industry forecasts have consistently shown a capacity gap. Has the publication of the RWS changed this outlook?




11:40 Best Available Techniques for Waste Incineration – BREF update and the industries reply

Lorenzo Ceccherini

Lorenzo Ceccherini, Energy Engineering Consultant, CEWEP

• Legal framework
• The BREF WI review process
• Gaps to fill and critical aspects
• Highlights of the implementation phase

12:20 Networking Lunch

13:20 Fuel to the fire – the residual waste future changes

Stuart Hayward-Higham

Stuart Hayward-Higham, Technical Development Director, SUEZ Recycling and recovery UK

• Includes – policy impacts on volume and composition
• Where the big and small changes might arise
• Capacity needs today and tomorrow

14:00 Road Fuel from Waste in a Circular Economy

Alan Smith

Alan Smith, CEO, The Hydrogen Mine, Ecalox Ltd

• The cheapest hydrogen in the world
• Think local - not large
• How it works
• Case study 1: A beverage plant in Myanmar
• Case study 2: A biogas plant in the UK
• Upstream and downstream feedstocks and products
• The virtuous circle reborn

14:40 The future of waste to fuels.

David  Woolford

David Woolford , Principal Consultant, RICARDO ENERGY & ENVIRONMENT

• existing technologies?
• subsidies and product revenues – financing mechanisms
• regulation of waste to fuels plant
• quality and volume of feedstocks?
• lessons learned from a developing market
• future developments in the market

15:20 Afternoon Tea

15:50 ESWET Vision 2050: Clean technologies for sustainable waste management

Patrick Clerens

Patrick Clerens, Secretary General, ESWET – European Suppliers of Waste-to-Energy Technology aisbl

• ESWET's Vision 2050 explores the role of Waste-to-Energy in future waste management systems in Europe and beyond. The document describes the technological developments which will allow the Waste-to-Energy plant of the future to provide an increasing number of services (energy recovery and storage, metals and minerals recovery, CO2 capture and e-fuels production) together with an increasing integration into the urban fabric. Through a combination of edutainment, sports and outdoor activities, the plants will generate multiple opportunities for citizens while safeguarding the environment.
• Following the World Bank’s predictions that waste generation will increase by 60 % worldwide by 2050 and Eurostat’s figures which show that 24% of municipal waste is still landfilled today in Europe, there is a need to roll out globally sound waste management technologies including Waste-to-Energy to improve recycling and recovery and reduce dumpsites.
• ESWET's Vision 2050 demonstrates how Waste-to-Energy technologies produced by European suppliers are profoundly committed to resource efficiency and climate change mitigation and are ready to contribute to better waste management in the EU and on a global scale. Waste-to-Energy technologies treat residual waste: waste which is not fit for re-use or recycling and would otherwise be landfilled.
• The future of Waste-to-Energy is circular, fully sustainable and widespread globally: hydrogen fuelled trucks will bring residual waste to the plant; while unloading the waste, they will refuel at the hydrogen station, thus avoiding fossil fuels use.
• The European Union has the capacity to further progress and to expand the EU excellence in waste management well beyond its borders. This is why forthcoming policies should acknowledge this potential by, for instance, promoting the role of Waste-to-Energy as the preferred treatment option for residual waste and recognising the value of Waste-to-Energy for climate change mitigation.

16:30 PANEL DISCUSSION - The Future of Energy from Waste

Jarno Stet

Jarno Stet, Waste & Recycling Manager, City of Westminster

Alban Forster

Alban Forster, Infrastructure Sector Lead, Europe, SLR Consulting LTD

Lorenzo Ceccherini

Lorenzo Ceccherini, Energy Engineering Consultant, CEWEP

Jacob Hayler

Jacob Hayler , Executive Director, Environmental Services Association (ESA)

Patrick Clerens

Patrick Clerens, Secretary General, ESWET – European Suppliers of Waste-to-Energy Technology aisbl

17:10 Chairman’s Closing Remarks and Close of Day One

Stuart Hayward-Higham

Stuart Hayward-Higham, Technical Development Director, SUEZ Recycling and recovery UK

8:30 Registration & Coffee

9:00 Chairman's Opening Remarks

Alban Forster

Alban Forster, Infrastructure Sector Lead, Europe, SLR Consulting LTD

9:10 Challenges and strategies for success on the North London Heat and Power Project, Edmonton

David Cullen

David Cullen, Programme Director, North London Waste Authority (LB Haringey)

• A brief description of the project and a progress update
• The challenges of sequencing and delivering construction safely on an operational, brownfield site.
• Building a high-performing client management capability
• Creating a progressive commercial environment to deliver better outcomes
• The approach to stakeholder engagement and community relations

9:50 Case Study - Challenges faced when developing one of Europe’s largest Energy from Waste plants in the UK

Gillian Sinclair

Gillian Sinclair, Head of Development, FCC Environment

• Future developments – what is expected from the plant
• Technical information
• Stages of the project implementation
• Financing options
• Production (electricity, waste)
• Operational problems
• Social aspects

10:30 Morning Coffee

11:00 Financing waste to energy projects – the 5 essential requirements

Michael  Ware

Michael Ware, Senior, Green Giraffe

• How does project finance work
• The 5 essential requirements
• The funding market
• Typical terms
• The fund raising process
• 10 things to avoid doing

11:30 Operating Experience from Plants with High Steam Parameters

Michael  Mueck

Michael Mueck, Head of Boiler Design, Steinmueller Babcock Environment GmbH

• The presentation builds on a brief explanation of the theoretical background
• Based on the experience from SBE waste to energy reference plants, the efficiency benefits of high steam parameters and the effects on corrosion, equipment exchange rate, outage etc. are shown



Alessandro  Bertacchini

Alessandro Bertacchini, Turboden Sales & Business Development Manager, Turboden

• Benefits of small/medium EfW (<200.000 tpy) vs large facilities
• ORC turbine for both highly efficient electrical power generation and CHP solutions
• Proven ORC technology provides WTE solutions for Solid Waste, hazardous waste, sludge and animal manure
• A smart solution to divert waste from landfill, dispose waste locally and generate green renewable energy
• Small/medium WTE allows a flexible, secure and profitable business plan to investors in the long term

12:30 Networking Lunch

13:30 Full Energy from waste project life cycle development on a “subsidy-free” basis

Isabel Boira-Segarra

Isabel Boira-Segarra, CEO, Future Earth Energy

• Technical Analysis
• Risk assessment
• Project Structuring
• Funding
• Project delivery

14:10 What technologies and policies for Material and Energy recovery from waste are available and needed, which help move toward sustainable waste management?

Christophe Cord'Homme

Christophe Cord'Homme, Development director, CNIM group

• Selective collection and sorting of recyclable material
• Organic recovery from biowaste
• Refuse Derived Fuels production and use
• Thermal treatment: what about alternative process?
• Impact on Greenhouse gas emissions from waste sector

14:50 How to maximise value and investment returns from energy from waste projects

Peter Bolton

Peter Bolton, Senior Investment Manager, Foresight Group

• Foresight EfW experience
• Protecting the downside
• Non-capex optimisation: feedstock management
• Capex initiatives: private wires, expansion

15:30 Afternoon Tea

16:00 The evolution of the UK EfW market and the continuing importance for waste derived fuel exports

Mark Terrell

Mark Terrell, General Manager, Andusia Recovered Fuels Limited

• The UK EfW market
• RDF export
• SRF export and the cement industry
• Hazardous and clinical waste disposal

16:40 The changing face of RDF / SRF exports

Bethany Ledingham

Bethany Ledingham, RDF Industry Group Secretariat, RDF Industry Group

• Historic and future trends in the RDF/SRF market
• The rise of SRF exports
• How Brexit may affect the export market
• Influence of UK policy changes on exports

17:20 Chairman’s Closing Remarks and Close of Day Two


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The majority of Input and Output based schemes actively encourage individuals to seek appropriate CPD activities independently.

As a formal provider of CPD certified activities, SAE Media Group can provide an indication of the learning benefit gained and the typical completion. However, it is ultimately the responsibility of the delegate to evaluate their learning, and record it correctly in line with their professional body’s or employers requirements.


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