Recovery & use of CBM & CMM not only contributes substantially to the protection of the global environment, but also yields financial rewards….

A unique opportunity to learn from leading industry experts including:

  • Karl H Schultz, Team Leader, Coalbed Methane Programs, US Environmental Protection Agency
  • Shri Santosh Gangwar, Honourable Minister of State, Petroleum & Natural Gas, Government of India
  • Dr Zdenek Venera, Director of Department of Geology, Ministry of Environment Czech Republic
  • Sun Maoyuan, Vice President, China United Coalbed Methane Co. Ltd
  • Raymond C Pilcher, President, Raven Ridge Resources Incorporated
  • John Garratt, CEO, Octagon Energy
  • Edward L Lasseter Jr, Director of Planning, StrataGas
  • Neil Cohn, Greenhouse Gas Broker & Director of Business Development, Natsource
  • Dr Pawel Krgystolik, Drector Experimental Mine Barbara of the CMI, Central Mining Institute Poland
  • Petro Sporer, Managing Director, G.A.S. Energietechnik
  • Chris Harris, Director of Commodity Finance, Enron

Benefits of Attending:

  • Hear from a panel of international experts, who are shaping the future of CMM & CBM
  • Learn how the technological changes are driving the future of CMM & CBM in key markets
  • Position your company for maximum success within the CMM & CBM field
  • Discuss the opportunities being presented by the CMM & CBM industry
  • Benefit from the panels expertise to take advantage of the changes sweeping the CBM & CMM market, from regulation through to public awareness, your success depends on your attendance

Conference programme

8:30 Registration & Coffee

9:00 Chairman's Opening Remarks

Dr Andrew W Cox

Dr Andrew W Cox, Editor, UK Coal Review


Karl H.Schultz

Karl H.Schultz, Team Leader, Coalbed Methane Programs, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

  • Global CMM & CBM resources & activity
  • Ventilation Air Methane : the largest CMM market
  • Analysing of emerging technologies & markets
  • New investment opportunities
  • Challenges with regards to the development of new CMM & CBM projects
  • 9:40 CMM and CBM Production: Technology and the Environment

    Raymond C Pilcher

    Raymond C Pilcher, President, Raven Ridge Resources Incorporated

  • Impact of increased production on the global environment
  • Post mining recovery of methane coupled with carbon sequestration
  • Recovery, before, during and after mining
  • Impact of increased production of CMM and CBM development on the local environment
  • Developing gassy coal resources- the improving economics of recovering CMM and CBM
  • 10:20 CMM & CBM IN USA

    John A Hoppe

    John A Hoppe, President & CEO, Design Fuels Corporation

  • Increase in the demand for conventional natural gas
  • US CBM activity at all time high
  • Favouring of the government regulations
  • Having additional pipeline access to US markets
  • Regional geological studies for CBM are being completed for industry
  • Opportunities of CBM & CMM in Ukraine & Republic of Georgia
  • 11:00 Morning Coffee

    11:20 CMM & CBM Development Opportunities

    Marshall S Miller

    Marshall S Miller, CEO & Chairman, Marshall Miller & Associates

  • Demand & expectations for natural gas & CBM in the US & Canada
  • Assessing infrastructure & labour needs of the producing industries
  • Taking another look at the Arkoma & Appalachian Basins
  • Overview of the Canadian CBM activity
  • Impact of the U.S. energy policy,electric power markets & Kyoto issues
  • 12:00 Steps in conserving CMM & CBM projects

    R.Clark Butts

    R.Clark Butts, President, BCCK Engineering

  • The review of the impacts of CMM & CBM development
  • Review of the energy market
  • Environmental Impact on the development of the project
  • A review of the guidelines for the running of an effective CBM project
  • 12:40 Lunch

    13:40 CMM & CBM IN UK

    John Garratt

    John Garratt, Chief Executive, Octagon Energy

  • Review of domestic legislation, licensing and regulatory basis for CBM projects
  • Production and commercial issues
  • Investment opportunities in CBM projects
  • 14:10 An overview of CMM & CBM in UK

    Edward L. Lasseter Jr.

    Edward L. Lasseter Jr., Director of Planning, StrataGas

  • Changes in the UK CBM market since 1991
  • Applying new thinking on gas content measurements to evaluation of old data
  • Addressing public concerns in the planning process
  • Tailoring the pilot project to suit the data
  • Environmental benefits of CBM projects developed in advance of underground coal mining
  • Economic factors affecting project commercially
  • 14:50 Resources and Research needs for CMM & CBM in UK

    Neil S Jones

    Neil S Jones, Geologist, British Geological Survey

  • Location of UK coalbed methane resources
  • Translating these resources into reserves
  • Experience of coalbed methane in the UK
  • Cost issues in UK CBM
  • Research needs
  • 15:20 Afternoon Tea

    15:40 CMM & CBM prospecting in the UK

    Andrew C Mann, Processing & Interpretation Manager, IMC Geophysics

    Andrew C Mann, Processing & Interpretation Manager, IMC Geophysics, , Keith Whitworth, Project Manager, IMC Consulting Engineers/ Laura Jackson, Director, Black Mountain

  • Methods of assessing CMM reserves
  • CMM well designs- discussion on the problems
  • CBM prospects- what factors for success
  • CBM well sites- choosing sites of enhanced permeability
  • 16:10 An overview of Gas Emissions from UK Mine working

    Robin Burrell

    Robin Burrell, Principal Gas Consultant, IMC Consulting Engineers

  • Analysing of the emissions
  • Gas emissions from abandon mines
  • Gas emissions from active mines
  • 16:40 Carbon Finance: An overview of both UK and International perspectives

    Justin Guest

    Justin Guest, Carbon Management Consultant, EcoSecurities

  • The experiences of structuring a UK incentive bid, negotiation with Government and regulatory hurdles
  • Structuring projects into the UK ETS
  • Experiences of trading in the UK- the sellers perspective and the issues involved for them (legal, insurance etc)
  • International perspectives
    Developing projects overseas (JI and CDM)
  • The project and investment cycles
  • Impact of carbon on project financing (case studies) and risk profiles
  • 17:20 Chairman’s Closing Remarks and Close of Day One

    8:30 Re-registration and Coffee

    9:00 Chairman's Opening Remarks

    Dr Andrew W Cox

    Dr Andrew W Cox, Editor, UK Coal Review


    Shri Santosh Gangwar

    Shri Santosh Gangwar, Honourable Minister of State, Petroleum & Natural Gas, Government of India

  • Exploring and developing coalbed methane in India
  • The new challenges
  • Development of new coalbed sites in India, opportunities for investment
  • Review of the domestic legislation what investing companies need to consider
  • Indian governments position on coalbed exploration.
  • 10:20 CMM and CBM market developments in |China

    Sun Maoyuan

    Sun Maoyuan, Vice President, China United Coalbed Methane Corporation (CUCBM)

  • Analysing of energy technologies
  • New technology innovation
  • Investment opportunities
  • Future of these projects, with regards to power generation
  • Related regulations and government policies

    Nicola Steen

    Nicola Steen, VP Transactions, CO2e.com

  • The emerging greenhouse gas market: an incentive to project development
  • Coalbed methane versus coalmine methane
  • Economic sensitivity of coalmine methane projects to the greenhouse gas market
  • Greenhouse gas emissions reductions verification
  • Marketing options for coalmine methane projects
  • 11:00 Morning Coffee

    11:20 How Methane reductions can be traded successfully

    Neil Cohn

    Neil Cohn, Greenhouse Gas Broker & Director of Business Development, Natsource

  • Greenhouse gas reductions - a new revenue stream
  • Current state of the GHG market
  • Motivations of early participants
  • Creating a tradable product from GHG reductions
  • Maximizing GHG reduction revenue
  • The effect of the compliance programs including the UK, EU & Kyoto Protocol
    Prepare to participate

    Dr Zdenek Venera

    Dr Zdenek Venera, Director of Department of Geology, Ministry of Environment Czech Republic

  • Exploration aims
  • Geological setting
  • Methods & techniques
  • Results of hydraulic fracturing
  • CBM potential in the Czech part of the Upper Silesian Basin
  • Technological, economic and legal conditions for CBM exploitation in the CR
  • 12:40 Lunch

    13:40 Overview of Coalbed Methane Resources in Poland

    Dr Pawel Krzystolik

    Dr Pawel Krzystolik, Director Experimental Mine Barbara of the CMI, Central Mining Institute Poland

  • The review of the resources in development of CBM projects
  • Prospects & futures.
  • Infrastructure & investment opportunities
  • Environmental legilations
  • 14:10 Current status of power generation form CBM in Germany

    Petro Sporer

    Petro Sporer, Managing Director, G.A.S. Energietechnik

  • Project realisation: from gas exploration to green power
  • Practical experience in CBM operations
  • Future perspectives of utilising low caloric CBM from operating mines
  • Project development in a changing environment
  • 14:40 Challenges in planning, developing and financing of coalbed projects in Germany

    Achim Woersdoerfer

    Achim Woersdoerfer, General Manager, A-TECH

  • Analysing of energy technologies
  • Policies and resources availability
  • Prospect for the future developments of coalbed methane projects
  • Related regulations and government policies
  • 15:20 Afternoon Tea


    Chris Harris

    Chris Harris, Director of Commodity Finance, Enron

  • Equity vs Debt
  • Showcare transaction
  • Reserved risk
  • Embedded generation- outsource or develop in house
  • Federal & state initiatives - potential upside
  • 16:20 CO2 enhancement of CBM production

    Clemens Backhaus

    Clemens Backhaus, Head of Department, Fraunhofer UMSICHT

  • Role of non-CO2 greenhouse gases in climate change
  • Uncertainty of emission inventories and verification of emissions
  • Policies for NCGGs
  • Global Warming Potential
  • Economic aspects
  • 16:50 The application of TFFR technology

    Ake Kallstrand

    Ake Kallstrand, Manager R&D, MEGTEC Systems

  • An overview of TFFR ( Thermal flow reversal reactor) technology
  • VAM (Ventilation air methane)- a energy resource
  • The safety aspect of ventilation air treatment
  • Operation experience from a TFFR demonstration system for VAM
  • Economical opportunities by utilise VAM by TFFR Technology
  • 17:20 Chairman's Closing Remarks and Close of Conference



    Review of the project cycle in CMM & CBM process

    Review of the project cycle in CMM & CBM process

    The Hatton, at etc. venues
    20th March 2002
    London, United Kingdom

    The Hatton, at etc. venues

    51/53 Hatton Garden
    London EC1N 8HN
    United Kingdom

    The Hatton, at etc. venues



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    Undertaken over a period of time, CPD ensures that educational qualifications do not become obsolete, and allows for best practice and professional standards to be upheld.

    CPD can be undertaken through a variety of learning activities including instructor led training courses, seminars and conferences, e:learning modules or structured reading.


    There are approximately 470 institutes in the UK across all industry sectors, with a collective membership of circa 4 million professionals, and they all expect their members to undertake CPD.

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    Professional bodies and Institutes CPD schemes are either structured as ‘Input’ or ‘Output’ based.

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    ‘Output’ based schemes are learner centred. They require individuals to set learning goals that align to professional competencies, or personal development objectives. These schemes also list different ways to achieve the learning goals e.g. training courses, seminars or e:learning, which enables an individual to complete their CPD through their preferred mode of learning.

    The majority of Input and Output based schemes actively encourage individuals to seek appropriate CPD activities independently.

    As a formal provider of CPD certified activities, SAE Media Group can provide an indication of the learning benefit gained and the typical completion. However, it is ultimately the responsibility of the delegate to evaluate their learning, and record it correctly in line with their professional body’s or employers requirements.


    Increasingly, international and emerging markets are ‘professionalising’ their workforces and looking to the UK to benchmark educational standards. The undertaking of CPD is now increasingly expected of any individual employed within today’s global marketplace.

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