The Nordic economies have recovered well after the financial meltdown, with the Nordic card and payments markets ranking amongst the world’s most developed. However, it is still very much in a state of transformation; with the threat of increasing competition from new technologies and tighter regulatory reforms the region must take an in depth look at the both the changing face of their payment systems and their innovation pipeline.

Building on the success of the 2014 event, the 14th Annual Nordic Markets and Future Payments Solutions Conference, Monday 19th – Tuesday 20th January, 2015, Copenhagen, will examine how the industry is being forced to ‘reinvent’ themselves in response to impeding regulatory requirements - (SEPA and MIF caps), security measures and importantly the increase in the demand for immediate payment systems particularly the adoption of mobile and near field communication (NFC) systems.

With a focused look at how the various systems can work in unison and complement one another, this exciting event, packed full of informative sessions will bring together leaders from across the banking, payments and retail sectors. Discussions, presentations, case studies and interactive sessions examining which technological developments are impacting the cards and payments sectors, plus provision of real time solutions and examples of how these technologies can work in the industry means that you do not want to miss this event! 

Key topics include:

• Preparing for a changing regulatory environment
• Mobile and NFC systems, the power and the potential
• International outlook - what developments are taking place beyond the region
• Implementing measures to increase security within the payments system
• Looking ahead at technologies for the futures

For a full line up of presentations and speakers join us in Copenhagen!

Previous testimonial:
‘Well organised with many presenters’- Entercard


This two day networking event will invite in depth discussion of the key drivers impacting Nordic Card Markets and Future Payment Solutions. Join us and discover what is going in this burgeoning market to:


• Hear about new technologies which could transform your business
• Meet with industry pioneers to discuss how they see the sector advancing
• Learn about how new entrants plan to growth their market share
• Network with major players and see what your competitors are working on



The core audience for the conference will come from banks, card issuers, mobile telecom, and non-bank payments market entrants with responsibility for the following:

  • Card Services
  • Payment Systems and Infrastructure
  • Product Development/Marketing
  • Contactless/NFC
  • m-payments
  • Card Services/Payments Innovation and Strategy


Previous delegates have been drawn from the following companies:

ABN AMRO Bank; American Express; Atos IT Solutions and Services A/S; BEC; Bell ID; Cerdo Bankpartner AB; CFIR (Copenhagen Finance IT Region); Copenhagen Business School; Currence; Danish Bankers Association; Danish Competition- and Consumer Authority; Danske Bank; De Nederlandsche Bank N V; EDB Business Partner; EDB ErgoGroup; Ekspres Bank A/S; EnterCard; Equens SE; Helixion Ltd; Ing; Mastercard Europe ; MEAWALLET; Monitise; Nets; Nets A/S; Nordea; Nordea Bank Danmark A/S; Nykredit Group; OP Pohjola Group ; Pan Nordic Visa Association; Pan?Nordic Card Association; Payward ; PCI Security Standards Council, LLC; Pohjola Bank plc; RBR London; Realex Payments; Royal Institute of Technology; S-BANK LTD; SIA; Signicat; SIGNICAT AS; Statoil Fuel & Retail; Swedbank; Swedbank Card Services; Swedbank Foreningssparbanken Ab Publ); swisscom; Teller; TSM Nordic; Visa Europe; Visa Norge Bankgruppe; Worldline;

Conference programme

8:30 Registration & Coffee

9:00 Chairman's Opening Remarks

Francesco  Burelli

Francesco Burelli, Partner, Innovalue Management Advisors Ltd.

9:10 A strategic landscape review

Francesco  Burelli

Francesco Burelli, Partner, Innovalue Management Advisors Ltd.

• Analysing how the market is evolving
• Understanding how the removal of barriers to entry will impact on technical standards
• How will this affect other stakeholders and growth in the use of online and mobile payments
• What lessons have been learned so far?

9:50 Examining the impact of the EU regulation on interchange fees for card payments

Nicole Jonker

Nicole Jonker, Senior Policy Advisor/Researcher, Payment Systems Policy, De Nederlandsche Bank/ Dutch Central Bank

• EC proposed to cap the maximum of interchange fees  (IFs) for debit and credit cards using the Tourist Test methodology
• Dutch cost data for merchants show that the Tourist test methodology does not prevent IFs from rising disproportionally
• Main drivers of the increase in the cap based on the Tourist test methodology:
   o rising merchant costs for cash
   o declining merchant costs for debit card payments
   o not adequately dealing with scale effects
• Amendments made by the EP to the original regulation are a good way forward to ensure that caps on interchange fees do not rise disproportionally

10:30 Morning Coffee

10:50 Clarifying the PSDII…Examining the potential impact of introducing third party payment services

Kirstine  Nilsson

Kirstine Nilsson, SEPA & EU Payment Regulation Coordinator, Group Payments & Cash Management , Swedbank

• The aim of introducing new participants to the payment process is to promote more competition, efficiency and innovation in the field of e-payments, in line with Europe 2020 and the Digital Agenda. But how will this impact payment service providers and users
• Extending the number of participants to the processing of payments; will this translate into increased prices to the consumer and/or merchant?
• What will be required to maintain high consumer protection and merchant trust in receipt of funds

11:30 Mobile real time money transfer in a cooperative environment

Marco  Polissi

Marco Polissi , Head of Digital Payments, SIA Innovation LAB, SIA

• The P2P account base Jiffy experience
• SEPA compliant layer approach
• From P2P to P2B

12:10 Networking Lunch

13:10 Mobile payment; designing the user interface

Thomas Egede  Kragh

Thomas Egede Kragh , Senior Vice President, Head of Digital Medias , Nykredit Group

• Discussing the latest trends & innovations in mobile payment designs
• Discovering how futurist mobile payments will be used and designed
• Reviewing how to develop a successful user interface

13:50 Optimizing user experience in payment processes

David  Kraul

David Kraul, Nordic Director of IT, Projects and Customer Service, Ekspres Bank A/S

Credit contracts is a widely used mechanism to pay for products and services.  The challenge is how the customer accepts and signs the credit contract and how this can be shared between 3rd parties. Ekspresbank will present some of their customer signing ceremony flows including the ability to mix strong eID signatures with touch based sig

14:30 Connecting the digital banking world with core banking systems

Tammo van Leeuwen

Tammo van Leeuwen, Market Development Manager, Sopra Banking Software

• In order to optimise the use of digital channels and to support a growing demand of customers for digital-only relationship, banks need to enhance their capabilities when it comes to personalised offerings

• The ability to offer this kind of digital support will be crucial for the future

• What are the new software concepts needed to provide customers, with offerings, when the personal advisor/ branch is no longer involved to provide a responsible, attractive, personalised offer and how can the required information coming from the back office be used in the channels

15:10 Afternoon Tea

15:30 New developments in the Danish legislation on card payments

Rene Thomsen

Rene Thomsen, Manager, Danish Bankers Association

• Recurrent payments – effects of withdrawal of consent (art. 54 in the PSD)
• How to stop recurrent payments – is it possible and is it the responsibility of the banks?
• Unauthorized payments according to PSD article 58 – interpretation of “notifying the issuer as soon as possible”
• 13 months in article 58 – fair? Also considering the charge back rules that the banks have with the card companies?


16:10 The mobile and digital revolution – how will the banking- and payments market be impacted?

Dag-Inge Flatraaker

Dag-Inge Flatraaker, General Manager DNB Bank & executive Board member EPC , DNB Bank

• What challenges and opportunities are facing banks?
• MNO’s and other stakeholders (Google, Apple, PayPal etc.), what’s ‘in it’ for them and how are they positioning themselves
• Who will be in the ‘driver-seat’ and what will customers expect in the future


16:50 E-Signature - The Biggest Business Enabler at Internet

Jes Rasmussen

Jes Rasmussen, Senior Director, SEB KORT

•         Discussing the National e-ID Schemes in Scandinavia – highest adoption in the world
•         Reviewing how AML and KYC make it hard for branchless banks to drive business
•         Realising how making  use of a proven infrastructure is a free lunch for private financial institutions
•         From Pioneer in 2006 to more than 200 000 signed contracts per year


17:30 THE DEBATE! The Mobile and digital revolution – how will the banking- and payments market be impacted?

• What challenges and opportunities are facing banks?
• MNO’s and other stakeholders (Google, Apple, PayPal etc.), what’s “in-it” for them and how are they positioning themselves
• Who will be in the “driver-seat” and what will customers expect in the future


Dag-Inge Flatraaker

Dag-Inge Flatraaker, General Manager DNB Bank & executive Board member EPC , DNB Bank

Kirstine  Nilsson

Kirstine Nilsson, SEPA & EU Payment Regulation Coordinator, Group Payments & Cash Management , Swedbank

Francesco  Burelli

Francesco Burelli, Partner, Innovalue Management Advisors Ltd.

18:10 Chairman’s Closing Remarks and Close of Day One

8:30 Registration & Coffee

9:00 Chairman's Opening Remarks

Francesco  Burelli

Francesco Burelli, Partner, Innovalue Management Advisors Ltd.

9:10 Cooperation of Nordic Payment Card Business

Kurt Gjesten

Kurt Gjesten, CEO, Pan-Nordic Card Association

• An overview of Nordic Cooperation and what this means
• International standards
• Understanding the importance of knowledge sharing
• Discussing  current Initiatives

9:50 The future of cash in Sweden – on the threshold of survival?

Nina Wenning

Nina Wenning, CEO, BDB Bankernas Depå AB

• What have been the driving forces of the reduction of cash in circulation in Sweden?
• How did the rapid change of infrastructure and policy for cash distribution take place and how did it change the attitude and payment patterns?
• Will the largest exchange ever of bills and coin taking place in Sweden 2015-2017 be a game changer?

10:30 Morning Coffee

10:50 Digital payment solutions – substitute or complement to cash and cards?

Henrik Bergman

Henrik Bergman, Senior Manager, Market Infrastructure, Transaction Banking, SEB

•    Legal requirements as a catalyst
•    Analysing whether there is a client demand
•    Case study; Swish

11:30 Evolution or revolution by SEPA for Cards and innovations?

Michiel Van Doeveren

Michiel Van Doeveren, Senior policy advisor, Cash and payment systems, De Nederlandsche Bank N V

• Status of SEPA for cards and innovations in Europe
• Cross-border payments experiences of the Netherlands
• The Euro Retail Payments Board for stimulation of SEPA 2.0
• Vision of DNB on SEPA for Cards 2.0

12:10 Networking Lunch

13:10 Mobile payments, from pilot to launch

Michel Drupsteen

Michel Drupsteen, Business Strategy Payments, Payments ING NL, ING Nederland

• Highlighting the next steps ING took and takes after the Leiden pilot (as presented last year)
• The support of payment and beyond payment services
• Contactless acceptance on the Dutch market
• From card to mobile

13:50 Bitcoin: The payment network of the future?

Lasse Birk	 Olesen

Lasse Birk Olesen, Chief Product Officer, Coinify

• What is Bitcoin – how does it work?
• Bitcoin's use as a payment system
• How Bitcoin technology can change other areas in money and finance

14:30 Afternoon Tea

14:50 Applying advanced analytics to fight financial crime and reduce fraud losses

Errol Koolmeister

Errol Koolmeister, Nordic Fraud & Dispute Analytics Manager , Nordea

• Introduction to advanced fraud analytics
• How to prove value of analytics
• Buy or develop in house solution

15:30 Digital currency efficiencies for international payments and settlement

Charlene  Chen

Charlene Chen, COO, BitPesa

• Current innovation in the international transfer market
• Competitive advantage for digital currency transfer companies over traditional banking and mobile money
• Hybrid products using digital currency settlement and traditional banking for Europe-to-Africa transfer products




16:10 The Innovative Capabilities of Centralized & Decentralized Digital Payment Platforms

Erol Kazan

Erol Kazan, PhD Fellow, IT Management, Copenhagen Business School

• How are different digital payment platforms designed
• Digital payment platforms and their potential for (market) disruption.
• Insights on how to gain traction, and how to protect, or unbundle value chains

16:50 Chairman’s Closing Remarks and Close of Day Two



Dag-Inge Flatraaker

Dag-Inge Flatraaker

General Manager DNB Bank & executive Board member EPC , DNB Bank
Francesco  Burelli

Francesco Burelli

Partner, Innovalue Management Advisors Ltd.
Michel Drupsteen

Michel Drupsteen

Business Strategy Payments, Payments ING NL, ING Nederland
Nina Wenning

Nina Wenning

CEO, BDB Bankernas Depå AB

Charlene Chen

COO, BitPesa
Charlene  Chen

Dag-Inge Flatraaker

General Manager DNB Bank & executive Board member EPC , DNB Bank
Dag-Inge Flatraaker

David Kraul

Nordic Director of IT, Projects and Customer Service, Ekspres Bank A/S
David  Kraul

Elizabeth Rossiello

CEO & Founder, BitPesa
Elizabeth  Rossiello

Erol Kazan

PhD Fellow, IT Management, Copenhagen Business School
Erol Kazan

Errol Koolmeister

Nordic Fraud & Dispute Analytics Manager , Nordea
Errol Koolmeister

Francesco Burelli

Partner, Innovalue Management Advisors Ltd.
Francesco  Burelli

Henrik Bergman

Senior Manager, Market Infrastructure, Transaction Banking, SEB
Henrik Bergman

Jes Rasmussen

Senior Director, SEB KORT
Jes Rasmussen

Kirstine Nilsson

SEPA & EU Payment Regulation Coordinator, Group Payments & Cash Management , Swedbank
Kirstine  Nilsson

Kurt Gjesten

CEO, Pan-Nordic Card Association
Kurt Gjesten

Lasse Birk Olesen

Chief Product Officer, Coinify
Lasse Birk	 Olesen

Marco Polissi

Head of Digital Payments, SIA Innovation LAB, SIA
Marco  Polissi

Michel Drupsteen

Business Strategy Payments, Payments ING NL, ING Nederland
Michel Drupsteen

Michiel Van Doeveren

Senior policy advisor, Cash and payment systems, De Nederlandsche Bank N V
Michiel Van Doeveren

Nicole Jonker

Senior Policy Advisor/Researcher, Payment Systems Policy, De Nederlandsche Bank/ Dutch Central Bank
Nicole Jonker

Nina Wenning

CEO, BDB Bankernas Depå AB
Nina Wenning

Rene Thomsen

Manager, Danish Bankers Association
Rene Thomsen

Tammo van Leeuwen

Market Development Manager, Sopra Banking Software
Tammo van Leeuwen

Thomas Egede Kragh

Senior Vice President, Head of Digital Medias , Nykredit Group
Thomas Egede  Kragh

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Sponsors and Exhibitors

SIA is European leader in the design, creation and management of technology infrastructures and services for Financial and Central Institutions, Corporates and Public Administration bodies, in the areas of payments, e-money, network services and capital markets. SIA provides its services in around 40 countries, and also operates through its subsidiaries in Hungary and South Africa. The company has offices in Milan and Brussels. In 2013, SIA managed 2.7 billion card payments and 2.2 billion credit transfers and collections, 28.6 billion trading and post-trading transactions and carried 293.3 terabytes of data on the network. The Group is made up of seven companies: the parent SIA, the Italian companies Emmecom (innovative network applications for banks and businesses), Pi4Pay (services for Payment Institutions), RA Computer (treasury solutions for banks, businesses and P.A.), and TSP (payment collection services for companies and P.A.), Perago in South Africa and SIA Central Europe in Hungary. The Group, which has approximately 1,500 employees, closed 2013 with revenues of €380.3 million.


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Sopra Banking Software

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The European Payments Council (EPC), representing payment service providers, supports and promotes European payments integration and development, notably the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA). The EPC is committed to contribute to safe, reliable, efficient, convenient, economically balanced and sustainable payments, which meet the needs of payment service users and support the goals of competitiveness and innovation in an integrated European economy. It pursues this purpose through the development and management of pan-European payment schemes and the formulation of positions and proposals on European payment issues in constant dialogue with other stakeholders and regulators at the European level and taking a strategic and holistic perspective. The primary task of the EPC is to manage the SEPA Credit Transfer and SEPA Direct Debit Schemes in close dialogue with all stakeholders. The EPC is an international not-for-profit association which makes all of its deliverables available to download free of charge on the EPC Website. For further information please contact secretariat@epc-cep.eu or visit www.epc-cep.eu.



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Journal of Payments Strategy & Systems publishes peer-reviewed articles by leading professionals on how to develop a profitable, customer-focused payments strategy. It examines major issues facing banks, credit card issuers, central banks, new entrants, clearing houses, service providers and advisers from a business, risk and operational perspective with no advertising or sales pitches. Edited by industry expert Alec Nacamuli and guided by an eminent Editorial Board, each quarterly 100-page issue provides detailed, practical analysis of developments and trends in the payments business including payments methods, markets and products, regulatory initiatives, new entrants and technologies, as well as actionable advice and ‘lessons learned’ from fellow professionals on how payment processing systems can be leveraged to maximise profitability, security and efficiency and minimise risk.

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Payments Cards & Mobile has twenty years experience reporting on card payments, POS Terminals, Issuing and Acquiring and Risk & Compliance plus the cutting edge technology of M-Payments, Contactless Payments, M-POS and M-Commerce. It is published six times a year, with supplements, and has worldwide distribution.

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Smart Insights Weekly is a newsletter covering the smart card industry, its businesses, its technologies, its markets as well as its technology suppliers. Smart Insights covers all the major trends in the industry, it encompasses worldwide business, standardization bodies. Smart Insights Reports are research reports providing key facts and figures as well as strategic insights about a technology, an area or a major issue in the secure transaction industry. Smart Insights Reports bring business modeling, forecasting and competitive analysis.

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The Paypers (www.thepaypers.com) is the Netherlands-based leading independent source of news and intelligence for professionals in the global payment community. Our products are aimed at merchants, payment services providers, processors, financial institutions, start-ups, technology vendors and payment professionals and have a special focus on all major trends and developments in payments-related industries including online and mobile payments, online/mobile banking, cards, cross-border ecommerce, e-invoicing and SEPA. We are also keen on keeping our readership informed with regard to online fraud prevention innovations and the most significant trends in the digital identity space.

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PMR (www.pmrcorporate.com) is a British-American company providing market information, advice and services to international businesses interested in Central and Eastern European countries as well as other emerging markets. PMR's key areas of operation include business publications (through PMR Publications), consultancy (through PMR Consulting) and market research (through PMR Research ). Being present on the market since 1995, offering high international standards in projects and publications, as well as providing one of the most frequently visited and top-ranked websites, PMR is one of the largest companies of its type in the region.

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Cardmag is a czech & slovak independent magazine in sphere of payment cards. Quaterly it comes up with information about marketing, technologies, NFC, Contactless, security, legislation, profile of countries, statistics from home and abroad and also about project SEPA. Cardmag brings out comments, glossary and analyses related to payment cards. Furthermore, you can find there original reports right from domestic market, profiles of regions, companies and personalities from the world of payment cards.

European Payment Institutions Federation


The European Payment Institutions Federation (EPIF), founded in 2011, represents the interests of the non-bank payment sector at the European level. We currently have over 250 authorised Payment Institutions (PI) and other non-bank payment providers as our members offering services in every part of Europe. EPIF thus represents roughly one third of all authorized Payment Institutions in Europe. Our diverse membership includes the broad range of business models including: 3-party Card Network Schemes, Acquirers, Money Transfer Operators, FX Payment Providers, Mobile Payments, Payment Processing Service Providers, Card Issuers, Third Party Providers, Digital Wallets. We play a constructive role in increasing payment product diversification and innovation tailored to the needs of payment users (e.g. via mobile and internet).It is our desire to promote a single EU payments market via the removal of excessive regulatory obstacles.

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CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development’. It is essentially a philosophy, which maintains that in order to be effective, learning should be organised and structured. The most common definition is:

‘A commitment to structured skills and knowledge enhancement for Personal or Professional competence’

CPD is a common requirement of individual membership with professional bodies and Institutes. Increasingly, employers also expect their staff to undertake regular CPD activities.

Undertaken over a period of time, CPD ensures that educational qualifications do not become obsolete, and allows for best practice and professional standards to be upheld.

CPD can be undertaken through a variety of learning activities including instructor led training courses, seminars and conferences, e:learning modules or structured reading.


There are approximately 470 institutes in the UK across all industry sectors, with a collective membership of circa 4 million professionals, and they all expect their members to undertake CPD.

For some institutes undertaking CPD is mandatory e.g. accountancy and law, and linked to a licence to practice, for others it’s obligatory. By ensuring that their members undertake CPD, the professional bodies seek to ensure that professional standards, legislative awareness and ethical practices are maintained.

CPD Schemes often run over the period of a year and the institutes generally provide online tools for their members to record and reflect on their CPD activities.


Professional bodies and Institutes CPD schemes are either structured as ‘Input’ or ‘Output’ based.

‘Input’ based schemes list a precise number of CPD hours that individuals must achieve within a given time period. These schemes can also use different ‘currencies’ such as points, merits, units or credits, where an individual must accumulate the number required. These currencies are usually based on time i.e. 1 CPD point = 1 hour of learning.

‘Output’ based schemes are learner centred. They require individuals to set learning goals that align to professional competencies, or personal development objectives. These schemes also list different ways to achieve the learning goals e.g. training courses, seminars or e:learning, which enables an individual to complete their CPD through their preferred mode of learning.

The majority of Input and Output based schemes actively encourage individuals to seek appropriate CPD activities independently.

As a formal provider of CPD certified activities, SAE Media Group can provide an indication of the learning benefit gained and the typical completion. However, it is ultimately the responsibility of the delegate to evaluate their learning, and record it correctly in line with their professional body’s or employers requirements.


Increasingly, international and emerging markets are ‘professionalising’ their workforces and looking to the UK to benchmark educational standards. The undertaking of CPD is now increasingly expected of any individual employed within today’s global marketplace.

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